Clem Clan

Clem Clan

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful November

Wow has it been a LONG time since I blogged.. that just goes to show how busy I am... The Clem Clan has recently moved to a new house, work has been very busy and my boys are non stop!!

I have been reading what everyone is thankful for on a day to day basis.  Everyday I thank the Lord for so many blessings... We are truly BLESSED!  I didnt want anyone to think I am not thankful and I want to participate in the daily thankful posts but just do not have the time so here it is, all in one shebang!

1. My Faith, Without my faith and relationship with God I would be lost in this crazy world.
2. My husband Sean.  He keeps me grounded when i have my freak out moments stressing about silly things
3.  My family.  They are so supportive and helpful... I love them
4. Modern Medicine - E is doing so well thanks to all of the advancements.  I also look forward to upcoming medicines that will treat cf
5. Friends.  We are so blessed with a great support system.
6. Chocolate...  This is pretty high on most girls lists I believe
7. A warm home
8. A job for both my husband and I
9. Ethans Vest... wow i cant imagine doing Manual breathing treatments
10.  Ryan and Nikki Bradley... they are our BFFs :)
11. TWO cards that run and get us to jobs, church, doc apts, grocery store
12. A full pantry that i can feed my boys from
13.  The ability to fill my pantry.
14. An amazing small group at church
15.  The ability to Praise my Lord without being punished
16. All of my cf friends i have made... WOW if there is one awesome thing about CF its all of my friends i have made!!!  Some of you are my closet friends
17. Close girl friends... Liz Hathaway, Nikki Kiefer, Leanne Harkenrider... i think i talk to you girls everyday!  One is a CF connection!!
18. Stacey and Alysia... you girls are so fun.. i love girls nights out
19. My sister... Lydia is such a big helper with the boys and watching them on Thursdays.
20. The ability to run/bike... its my oulet
21. My stinking adorable boys!!!
22. The awesome swingset that was giving to me by Seans boss.
23.  A new neighborhood with great neighbors
24. DVR -how would i survive without it... i record all of E's fav shows for treatment time
25. Tommy running across the country for CF and starting more than just miles
26. The CF Foundation fighting hard for my boy
27. All the girly things a mommy of 2 boys needs
28. Sunny days
29. Ice cream
30. Jesus Christ :)

I am sure i am forgetting something or someone.. Blessing are all around me... :) Happy Thanksgiving!