Clem Clan

Clem Clan

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nelson's Chicken Fund raiser

This last weekend we teamed up with Nelson's Golden Glo chicken to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Nelsons is amazing chicken!   The smell of it cooking is enough to make your mouth start water.,... mine is just thinking about it.  The owner of the company has been selecting not for profit organizations to team up with to help them out.  My father in law is a cooker for them part time and asked if we could do it for the CFF. 

It was a big success!  We sold all 416 halves that were cooked and almost all of our pit taters.  We sold from 10-3 and around 130 when we had 200 halves left we were getting nervous.. But the people just kept coming.  Some said the smell of the chicken is a sign of spring!  It was a very cold day, but we brought in around $800 for the CFF 

I recruited my cousins to help and they were so energetic and did a great job.  Gwen was doing cart wheels by the road and yelling the whole time with her brother Wade.. And Sydney helped run to cars and take orders.  It was a great day... Just cold :)

Thank you to everyone who helped... Wanda, Ken, Karen, Melanie, My Dad, and Donna!
My poor dad barely made it.. he went into the ditch on the way down but made it just in time!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CF Wine Opener

This weekend we headed to Indy for the Cystic Fibrosis Wine Opener.  It was an amazing time and I was reminded again but how incredibly blessed we are to have such an amazing group of friends to support us.  I am not sure how we would get through this without our family and friends.

I also had the privilege to meet a few fellow CF mommas and CF patients.  I spoke to one gentleman who is 42 with CF and a woman who is 37 with CF and just had a double lung transplant.  I, of course, had to pick thier brains.  They both agreed that the best means of therapy is manual CPT and exercise!  The gentleman also suggested cutting out milk that that really helped him a lot. However, at this point it doesnt seem to be affecting Ethan and its a major source of calories for him.  They also told me to let him be a kid and let him run around outside and play in the dirt.  As a parent of a CF child its so easy to want to put them in a bubble to protect them, but thats not the life a child should have.

At the wine opener we had amazing food and samplings of great wine.  I even had a rhubarb wine which was very good!  Thank you to our friends who support us and our cause

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well it didnt take long for me to get so busy with working and being a mommy that i forgot all about blogging! :)  Days are CRAZY around here... here is  my daily schedule

545 I wake up (after being up twice throughout the night with Liam) and shower.
600 i wake up ethan and take him directly to the vest where he gets shaken right away... while he is doing his treatment i frantically try to get ready and nurse Liam.
645 walk out the door
7 arrive at grandmas where E gets breakfast
730 arrive at work where i stay till 4...
420 pick up kids come home..
500 start breathing treatment.. while fixing dinner
545 start dinner
630 dinner
700 bath time
730-pedisure before bed
We squeeze in play time
800 bed time!
By the end of this i am exhausted!!!!  i try and catch my shows and hit the hay early... all to start it over again.  It may seem hectic and it is... but i love being on a schedule.. I am so thankful for everyday and my amazing boys.. All three of them :)

Things are going well for all of us!  I am back to work at full time.  This weekend we are heading down to Indy to the CFF wine opener.  This is a fav event of ours.  We cannot wait to spend time with some of our closest friends!