Clem Clan

Clem Clan

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well it didnt take long for me to get so busy with working and being a mommy that i forgot all about blogging! :)  Days are CRAZY around here... here is  my daily schedule

545 I wake up (after being up twice throughout the night with Liam) and shower.
600 i wake up ethan and take him directly to the vest where he gets shaken right away... while he is doing his treatment i frantically try to get ready and nurse Liam.
645 walk out the door
7 arrive at grandmas where E gets breakfast
730 arrive at work where i stay till 4...
420 pick up kids come home..
500 start breathing treatment.. while fixing dinner
545 start dinner
630 dinner
700 bath time
730-pedisure before bed
We squeeze in play time
800 bed time!
By the end of this i am exhausted!!!!  i try and catch my shows and hit the hay early... all to start it over again.  It may seem hectic and it is... but i love being on a schedule.. I am so thankful for everyday and my amazing boys.. All three of them :)

Things are going well for all of us!  I am back to work at full time.  This weekend we are heading down to Indy to the CFF wine opener.  This is a fav event of ours.  We cannot wait to spend time with some of our closest friends! 

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  1. Wow- that is a CRAZY busy schedule! Kudos to you for making it work!