Clem Clan

Clem Clan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hate CF but.....

 I HATE CF but….
It has strengthened my faith
It has taught me how to pray out loud
It has drawn my husband and I closer
It has taught me to love my sons so deeply
It has taught me that I am not in control, God is
It has given me the chance to sit everyday with Ethan during treatment for special time.
It has taught me to be thankful everyday
It has shown me how amazingly blessed we are with a great support system of family and friends
It has given me CF momma/daddy friends; I don’t know how I would do it without them
It has taught me to live life to the fullest
I hate CF but…maybe this was a blessing in disguise….

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ethans clinic

Ethan had clinic today and much to my surprise he gained weight!!  I was so happy... We have been trying since he was very little to get him to the 50th percentile but he has always been stuck in the 25th.  Well today he is showing improvement in that, he is now 35th! I think much of it is impart to giving him an ensure every night before bed.  I recently just changed from pedisure to ensures because I found some weight gain shakes that are for adults and since he is nearly two that's ok.  These babies have 350 calories in them!

He also had good sounding lungs.  He did so well when the doctor wanted to listen to his lungs and even said ah when she wanted to look in his mouth.  He was just loving the attention from everyone there today. 

There was a little fluid on his ear but nothing thats causing a problem.  Our doctor also said she was very impressed with my request several months back for hypertonic saline.  She said most parents do not understand that sometimes adding a medication can be a good thing and that being aggressive is key.  I had asked to start this after reading several other CF children's success with it.  She said that most parents have bad luck with the saline because the kids fight a little bit but once they get used to it, its very helpful.  I am not one of those parents who lets the child call all the shots and now Ethan will sit and do his treatment on his own and even hold his own mask without a fight.  Although sometimes he sets it down a second to raise his arms above his head to yell blast off!  (We watch little Einsteins during treatment.)  I figured thats ok. 

Afterwards our treat was to go to walmart and pick out a small toy.  Ethan picked out a little truck for doing so well.  Then we met my grandma for lunch at applebees were he indulged in a chicken strip meal.  He of course ate almost all of it.  We always try to do something fun and positive after clinics for a positive spin.

All in all it was a great clinic... and I am a happy mama!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Liam is 3 Months!

Just last week my littlest man turned three months old!  A day before he was 3 months old he rolled from stomach to back.  He is growing up way to fast if you ask me!  He is so close from rolling from back to stomach.  Liam is so much fun.  He is really starting to show his little personality.  His fav thing is to watch his big brother or his mobile.  He talks and coos like crazy.  Its hard to believe he is three months old already.

Liam is exceptionally large for his age. 98th percentile!  Which is crazy!  Ethan is only the 20-25th and its a struggle to keep him there.  Liam is nearly ready for 6-9 months but i am going to keep him in the 3-6 as long as possible. He has so many clothes that he hasnt gotten enough wear out of yet. I am thinking that soon they will be sharing clothes... and diaper sizes hahaha. 

Everyday I praise the Lord for my boys and their health.  They are both such an amazing blessing in my life.  I am so grateful for them.  Its so neat to watch them grown and turn into awesome little boys!