Clem Clan

Clem Clan

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our family has been thinking of creative ways to raise money this year for great strides.  Reason being is its hard to keep getting consistent donations from everyone, every year.  We have already hosted a chicken bbq that brought in $800.  This saturday at the local maple syrup festival pancake sausage breakfast we are going to have a booth set up to sell homemade noodles.  Seans family and I have been working really hard on these.  It was a lot of fun for Ethan too.  He helped roll and pat the dough!  These noodles are DELICIOUS!  I am sure we are going to sell out.  

Here are a few pics to enjoy of the noodle making process!!  We are so Martha Stewart!  If youre in our area come buy some!

Lots of others helped on different days but of course I forgot  the camera. :)

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