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Clem Clan

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our new addition

Recently Sean and I welcomed our new addition to our family, Liam Elliot.  I found out that I was expecting Liam on March 26th, 2010.  I was so excited that I didn't even wait to tell Sean in person, I told him over the phone.  We were both pretty sure I was because I was 4 days late.  I hadn't taken a pregnancy test yet because I was on jury duty for 3 long hard days.

I was instantly so excited.  Then when it started to sink in I started getting a lot of anxiety.  I was so scared about him having CF.  Sean and I had been praying every night and more that any future children we had wouldn't have CF, and lots of family and friends were praying the same.  It was always our dream to have a big family.  We always thought have two and adopt two.  With Ethan's diagnosis we weren't sure what we would do.  So after it sunk in I would have times were I was so excited about another and then scared to death about having another and not for the normal reasons people are scared of having two.  We aren't like my friends, we have to think on a much more serious scale.  I often find myself sort of envious of friends who can just go about having children without worry if their next will have a life threatening illness that effects every aspect of their lives.  I know everyone has different problems, but looking from the outside in, I wish it was that carefree for us.

I inquired about getting CVS testing done, this is done around 10 weeks but is much more risky than an amino. The genetic counselor suggested an amino because abortion is not an option for us.  Aminos are virtually risk free now and CVS is much more risky.  So my sister took me for my amino when I was 14 weeks pregnant.  (Sean didnt go for fear he might pass out, hahaha.)  This was about the weirdest thing that i have ever had done.  First she gave me a HUGE numbing needle that hurt incredible bad, then she took out what had to have been a needle the size of a bic pen and shoved it through my stomach.  At this point I was totally numb but I felt a lot of pressure then heard a pop.  I have a pretty strong stomach but I could feel her moving the needle around and  nearly had to throw up in the trash.  I think that my sister secretly liked watching it, payback for the years of torture growing up when I picked on her maybe.

We were told we would get the sex of the baby in a couple days and then find out about CF the following.  Well she was wrong... We got the sex back the following week and didnt find out about his CF results until 5 weeks later!  I was going CRAZY!  On July 19th I was celebrating my 28th birthday and I saw the doc office calling me.  My stomach nearly flipped, I wasnt sure I wanted to answer it and have my birthday ruined... but I did and got the best birthday gift ever!!!  She said that Liam was just a carrier of CF.  Praise God!  This was such an answer to a prayer!  And I thank Him daily for that.

The rest of my pregnancy went pretty well and I was much more relaxed.  I did have some contractions early but they stopped.  I was told I would probably deliver at 36-37 weeks like I did with Ethan.  WOW wrong again.  The last few weeks I was horribly uncomfortable, couldnt sleep, up all night etc.  Liam arrived on his due date of Nov 29th at 2:22 am. He weighed 8lbs 11.7 oz.  No wonder I was so miserable.  He was HUGE!  Ethan was 5lbs 9 oz.  This was a very big difference.

It's sort of strange having a baby that doesn't have CF.  I feel like I am forgetting something half the time.  No enzymes in the middle of the night.  It just seems very easy.  Liam is also a very laid back baby.  I guess this is a second child trait.  Most of the time he is very patient waiting for us to finish Ethan's treatment.  However, I have become the master at multitasking and have been known to nurse and give Ethan a treatment at the same time.  I feel that's a great talent to be proud of.

I have been lucky to spend 8 weeks home with my new baby.  Sadly I have to go back to work soon.  I am not looking forward to that.  I want to be a stay at home, or work part time.  But I carry the health insurance and we need it.  Hopefully in the future I will be home more. 

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  1. Oh Laura. I relate to your worry about Liam having CF. I'm not pregnant yet, but due to moral issues that my husband and I have, we have decided against doing PGD/IVF. We are talking about getting pregnant with a second child soon and my anxiety is up for sure. I am so glad that Liam is CF free! But I'm sure also that you wouldn't change Ethan for the world! Anyway, i just have nothing but love for your precious family! I hope all is well!